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H.E.R.O - Hyperbaric Electronic Records Organizer™


  • Patient Treatment History screen for retrieving, printing, exporting, and achiving patient treatment records.

  • Dual-Level Security System settings are provided for establishment of user-specific access to all data, systems, operation level securities, and treatment records with file level protection.
H.E.R.O. Video Presentation
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H.E.R.O. Video Presentation

HERO on 4100H Chamber

  • Events Log captures accurate chamber treatment events during patient treatment with real-time stamps as they occur. Treatment event categories include:
    • Chamber On / Off • Compressing / Decompressing
    • Plateau Reached • Total Time (min:sec)
    • Plateau (Rate Set) Pressure •Total Segments
    • Air Break On / Off • Communication Status

  • Treatment Notes allow for the physician or technician to make notes regarding the patient or the chamber treatment conditions. Notes library, manual input or placement of note marker are available means of logging treatment notes.

  • Patient Pre- and Post- Assessments are provided for the clinician or technician to enter patient conditions before and after the hyperbaric treatment. Patient assessment data will be incorporated into the patient electronic treatment record and printed record report..


H.E.R.O. Video Presentation