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H-Series Chamber H-Series Chamber with Low Profile Gurney H-Series Hyperbaric Chamber with Low Profile Gurney
Maximum Operating Pressure 30.0 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) - 3.0 atmospheres absolute (ATA) - 2.1 kilogramsper centimeter squared (km/cm2) - 206.9 kilopascal (kPa)
Operating Temperature Range 50º - 100º F (10º – 38º C)
Operating Humidity Range 30% to 90% at 77º F
Supply Pressure 50.0 psig to 70.0 psig (3.5 to 4.9 kg/cm2, 344.8 to 482.7 kPa)
Purge Rate 80 liters per minute (lpm) to 400 lpm with the chamber pressure set at 15 psig
Emergency Vent Rate 30 psig to 0 psig in less than 120 seconds
Relief Valves Model 3300H/HR: Two, set at 35.0 psig (2.46 kg/cm2; 241.32kPa)
Model 3600H/HR and 4100H/HR: Two, set at 36.0 psig (2.53 kg/cm2; 248.22 kPa)
Allowable Storage and Transportation
Environmental Conditions
Temperature: 32º to 113º F (0 TO 45º C) • Atmospheric Pressure: 7.3 TO 15.4 psig. (500 TO 1060 HPA). Relative Humidity: 10% to 100% including condensation
Low Profile Hyperbaric Chamber Gurney
Lowerst Height 17-1/2"
Lowest Height with Stretcher and Mattress 23"
Standard Rail Stop Height 25-1/2"
Length 91"
Width 33-1/2"
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