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Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

There are more than 17 million diabetics in the United States with an additional one million diagnosed annually. Fifteen percent of diabetics develop foot ulcers, which can lead to serious infections and possible amputation. Offering top notch wound care will help some but for others they will need hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Approximately 61% of diabetic patients will heal from their foot ulcer with traditional treatment, but when you add hyperbaric chamber therapy those numbers rise to 89%

Every hospital in the country should have a hyperbaric chambers. This vital technology carries enough benefits and profit potential to make it an easy decision. Most private insurance companies are more than willing to cover the cost for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers because the long term savings versus amputation and follow up care is huge. Medicare also covers the cost for oxygen therapy if standard wound care is not healing the wound.

When you purchase a hyperbaric chamber, you offer your patients an innovative treatment that is safe, convenient, simple and cost effective. Very little participation is required of the patient while undergoing oxygen therapy.
They can watch an external TV or DVD player or listen to music through an external MP3 connection. Sechrist offers an optional LCD TV with a sliding mount that allows the patient to watch TV while receving treatment. The treatment is safe and the side effects are few.

If you are considering a hyperbaric chamber for your facility, it is important that you purchase from an experienced, qualified dealer, such as Sechrist. We offer multiple models and are the largest hyperbaric chamber manufacturer in the country. Once you have made your purchase, you are not left on your own. Sechrist offers fantastic technical support to ensure you have an easy installation and we have the best maintenance services team in the industry. For the highest quality hyperbaric chambers on the market, contact Sechrist and offer your patients this vital treatment in your facility.