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The Sechrist 3600E hyperbaric chamber, available in 6 signature colors, is equipped with the latest in Sechrist technology, the Electronic Control Module that significantly increases oxygen conservation, patient comfort and patient safety.

Sechrist's™ Oxygen Conservation System provides the following benefits:

  • Using the O2 Conservation Mode, up to 65% less oxygen will be consumed per treatment compared to standard pneumatic chambers
  • Reduced oxygen supply requirements
  • 95% oxygen level within 13 minutes at a minimum
  • compression purge rate of 400L/min
  • Comfortable noise levels during the pressure plateau

Sechrist's™ Oxygen Conservation Mode significantly reduces the amount of oxygen consumed during a treatment. A monoplace hyperbaric oxygen treatment that begins under ambient air conditions requires a high oxygen flow in order to eliminate the presence of nitrogen within the chamber. Once the nitrogen has been purged from the chamber and the internal oxygen concentration has exceeded 95%, high flows are no longer needed to maintain the patients™ saturation level.
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3600E Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


The Sechrist 3600E automatically switches from an initial high flow nitrogen purge rate system to a lower ventilation flow during the plateau stage of the treatment. Using a lower sustaining purge flow can allow savings of up to 65% of the oxygen that would normally be consumed. The lower sustaining flow also provides the benefit of lower noise levels for the the patient.

  • Sechrist Comfort Profile compresses the chamber at a variable rate that allows more comfortable ear pressure equalization.
    The Sechrist Comfort Profile automatically adjusts the compression rate throughout the compression phase of a treatment cycle - the first one-third of the compression phase. The slower compression rate allows the patient to accommodate for initial changes in inner-ear pressure gradually. The Comfort Profile then smoothly ramps up the rate to reach the desired Pressure Set. This method allows for maximum patient saturation exposure without exposure to possibly discomforting compression rates.
  • Safe State
    The Electronic Control Module provides additional unique safety features. In the unlikely event that any of the electronic or pneumatic systems fail, the ECM will automatically create a Safe State environment. This Safe State, announced by audible and visual alarm indicators, will terminate the treatment and safely decompress the chamber at the purge flow rate in effect at the time of the safe state condition. In addition, the ECM monitors the system for safe operation and will alert the operator to any unusual operating characteristics or system errors.




Internal Diameter:
35.50 inches (0.90 m)

Internal Length:
90.00 inches (2.29 m)

External Length:
103.60 inches (2.63 m)

External Height:
61.00 inches (1.55 m)

External Width:
49.00 inches (1.25 m)

Chamber Weight:
2,211 pounds (1,003 kg)

Patient Stretcher Dimensions:
30.5 inches (77.5 cm) wide by 91.5 inches
(232.4 cm) long

Supported Patient Weight:
700 pounds (252 kg) maximum

Maximum Operating Pressure:
30.0 pounds/square inch gauge (psig).
3.04 atmospheres absolute (ATA).
0.207 megapascal (MPa).
206.8 kilopascal (kPa).



Operating Temperature:
50° to 100° F (10° to 38° C).

Storage and Transportation:
Temperature: 32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C).
Atmospheric Pressure: 7.3 to 15.4 psi
(500 to 1060 hPa)
Relative Humidity: 10 to 100%,
including condensation

Supply Pressure:
45.0 to 70.0 psig
Purge Rate (compression phase):
300 to 400 liters per minute (lpm)
(at a chamber pressure of 15 psig).

Purge Rate (plateau phase):
80 to 400 liters per minute (lpm)
(at a chamber pressure of 15 psig).

Emergency Vent Rate:
Chamber pressure < 0.5 psig,
achieved in < 90 seconds

Relief Valves:
Two; set at 36.0 psig