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What benefits does hyperbaric oxygen therapy offer?

At Sechrist Industries, we believe in the remarkable healing properties of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). It has shown significant efficacy in promoting the regeneration of new skin, blood vessels, and connective tissues, particularly in patients with chronic wounds. HBOT is a cornerstone of treatment when conducted by our seasoned healthcare professionals, ensuring safety and harnessing the therapy's full potential for healing.

What should patients know about the safety and risks of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

The journey of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a Sechrist chamber is designed to be comfortable and secure. Patients are accommodated in a monoplace chamber, offering a unique experience. 


Once the door to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber has closed, you might hear a slight hissing sound as oxygen fills the chamber and the pressure inside slowly grows. Your ears may feel clogged (barotrauma) or start to pop, similar to flying in an airplane or traveling through mountains. You can relieve this pressure in your ears by yawning or taking a sip of water, holding your nose and swallowing the water. You’ll breathe normally throughout the therapy.

In a Sechrist monoplace chamber, you may pass the time by watching television or a movie, sleeping or listening to music, a podcast or an audiobook.

A healthcare provider will be in the room throughout the procedure to answer any questions and monitor your condition and overall health. They may have you take short breaks during the treatment to breathe normal air.

Are there risks or potential complications associated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

While HBOT is generally safe, we at Sechrist Industries are transparent about the potential risks, which are rare and manageable. These may include feelings of claustrophobia in the enclosed space of a monoplace chamber, possible ear discomfort due to pressure changes, sinus congestion, temporary changes in vision after extended treatment sessions, and in very rare instances, oxygen toxicity or seizures.

This is why it is important to go to a facility with trained professionals who are adept at mitigating these risks and are equipped to manage any discomfort or complications, ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients throughout their treatment.

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