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What preparatory steps are taken before hyperbaric oxygen therapy

A comprehensive evaluation precedes any hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Experts take into account the specific condition being treated, as well as the patient's age and health profile, to customize the treatment length and session count. Thorough discussions are conducted about any medications and medical devices, such as pacemakers, to ensure compatibility with the hyperbaric environment.


Safety is paramount, so an evaluation of personal skin care products due to their potential to ignite in a pure oxygen environment. Before entering the chamber, patients change into suitable attire and are advised to remove any metallic or electronic items to maintain a safe treatment space. We recommend using the restroom beforehand, considering the typical session duration of one to two hours.

What is the patient's experience during hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In the serene environment of Sechrist Industries' hyperbaric chambers, patients can either sit or recline comfortably. In our monoplace chambers, individuals lie on a gurney that smoothly enters the chamber, allowing them to relax fully during treatment. Other facilities have multiplace chambers that cater to several patients simultaneously, where oxygen is delivered via a specialized mask or transparent hood.


As the chamber pressurizes, patients may notice a gentle hissing sound and a sensation in their ears similar to altitude changes. These can be alleviated with simple techniques such as yawning or sipping water. In Sechrist chambers, during treatment, patients can indulge in leisure activities like watching media, sleeping, or enjoying audio entertainment, all while a healthcare professional monitors their well-being and provides assistance as needed, including breathing intervals with normal air.

What happens after hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Following a session, the transition back to normal atmospheric conditions is gradual to ensure patient comfort. Once out of the chamber, a healthcare provider conducts a post-therapy assessment, checking vital signs and, if necessary, blood sugar levels.


After ensuring that the patient is stable and ready to resume their day, they can return to their personal attire and, although not mandatory, might opt for a companion to drive them home, especially if they feel particularly relaxed or drowsy post-treatment. In our Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers, the patient's journey through hyperbaric oxygen therapy is enveloped in care, safety, and attention to detail.

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