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Sechrist Stretchers: Transforming Patient Mobility in Hyperbaric Therapy

Sechrist Industries, renowned for its expertise in hyperbaric technology, showcases its commitment to excellence. These stretchers, a hallmark of Sechrist's dedication to innovative solutions, are ergonomically crafted to ensure ease of use and comfort for both patients and healthcare providers. With Sechrist Stretchers, we have reinforced our reputation as a comprehensive provider in the hyperbaric field, offering products that blend safety, quality, and practicality.


Sechrist has now introduced its unique, Low Profile Transport Stretcher into the marketplace. It is the only transport stretcher of its type available. This new product offers a variety of features and benefits that will meet the needs of your patients and team.

  • Low Profile Transport Stretcher is lower from floor to top of mattress compared to other standard transport stretchers in the market allowing for maximum patient comfort and safety.

  • Eliminates or minimizes the use of step stools and staff assistance which potentially results in easier and safer patient access to getting onto the Transport Stretcher.

  • The adjustable backrest has an increased incline up to 90° for additional flexibility and patient comfort.

  • The low-profile hydraulic transport stretcher provides for easy loading of the patient onto other beds/chairs without additional transfers.

  • IV-Pole, O2 Tank Holder, and other accessories are available.


Sechrist Transport Stretchers offer considerable flexibility, easily adjusting to various heights for ready access to patients in beds, wheelchairs or other elevations.

  • Sechrist Low Profile Hydraulic Transport Stretcher adjusts lower than other standard transport stretchers allowing for maximum patient comfort and safety. 

  • Designed exclusively for Sechrist allowing for easy transferring of patients on to and off of Sechrist Transport Stretchers.

  • One step locking mechanism located on all four sides of the Transport Stretcher ensures simultaneously locking of all wheels for safety.

  • Added features include side rails for patient protection, IV pole, storage tray and gas cylinder holder.

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