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Sechrist Hyperbaric Service and Maintenance

Sechrist Industries offers expert service and maintenance for hyperbaric chambers, led by a team of experienced professionals. Our services encompass certified support, chamber maintenance, repairs, overhauls, and chair service, ensuring optimal operation and customer satisfaction. We are the go-to for reliable and skilled hyperbaric chamber servicing.


Sechrist Helps Advance Hyperbaric Medicine. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, our team of dedicated and credentialed professionals offer personalized support in all aspects of Sechrist product services. 


As a valued partner, we thank you for using Sechrist Industries for your hyperbaric chamber preventative maintenance and repair service. Like you, we believe that a competent, trained service staff, supported by a deep organization of engineering and medical device industry professionals, is the best choice for hyperbaric chamber operators and their patients.

We understand that you have many service options; rest assured that we appreciate your choice of Sechrist for your medical device service versus an unauthorized third-party provider.

Sechrist Services: Ensuring Excellence in Hyperbaric Care

Sechrist Industries excels in providing top-tier services for hyperbaric chambers, encompassing a broad spectrum of support and maintenance options. Their offerings include specialized on-site repairs, comprehensive chamber overhauls, and meticulous PVHO-2 maintenance. These services are a testament to Sechrist's unwavering commitment to the quality and safety of hyperbaric treatments, solidifying their status as a trusted partner in hyperbaric healthcare.

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