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Enhancing Hyperbaric Therapy: Sechrist Industries' Comprehensive Accessory Collection

Sechrist Industries offers a range of accessories and ancillary equipment for hyperbaric therapy, enhancing patient comfort and operational efficiency. Products include the HBO TV Rack System, Gas Source Selection Panel, Hyperbaric Positioning Pads, and the OmniPressure Chamber Mattress for improved patient support. Safety and support features like the Ground Check System and Hyperbaric Knee Pillow are also part of their comprehensive collection.

Height Stop.jpg

Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop

Sechrist’s new Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop Kit will allow users to always stop the Hyperbaric Gurney to meet the Chamber rails at exactly the right height every time.

For Sechrist chambers already installed at your facility, the Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop is available as an upgrade to most Sechrist Low Profile Hyperbaric Gurneys. This can be conveniently installed at the time of Annual Service. Contact Sechrist Industries for additional information and scheduling.

Chamber Cleaning Kit

The Sechrist Cleaning System increases convenience and efficiency which is key to improving the hyperbaric team’s experience maintaining your Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber. 

As opposed to more traditional methods of cleaning chambers where a team member has to climb into the chamber to get to hard-to-reach places, the new Sechrist Chamber Cleaning System helps you reach all parts of the chamber easily and this, in turn, works by increasing infection control. This is a win for convenience and efficiency. Cleaner and Quicker is our mantra.

Chamber Cleaning Kit 4.jpg
Water Bottle.jpg

Water Bottle Holder

The comfort of your patients is of the utmost importance to us. Making hyperbaric treatments as easy and comfortable as possible is always the goal. The Sechrist Water Bottle Holder allows your patients to easily have a water bottle without fear of spilling or injury to the acrylic.

Wall Mount Ground Kit

Ensuring the proper preparation of the hyperbaric suite is key to the successful installation of Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers. Grounding of Sechrist’s Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers is a vital safety consideration and NFPA Healthcare Facilities Code 99 requirement for Class B Chambers.

Wall Mount Ground Kit.jpg
Air Oxygen Delivery.jpg

Air/Oxygen Delivery System

The Sechrist Air/Oxygen Delivery System is designed to deliver medical grade gas – Air or Oxygen - to a patient while undergoing treatment at pressures up to 3 ATA in the Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber.

Mirror Guidance System

The Mirror Guidance System allows chamber operators to visually locate both the foot end of the gurney and the chamber rails while standing at the head of the gurney. 

Mirror Guidance 2.jpg
Mirror Guidance 1.jpg
Inline Filter.jpg

Inline Filter

We now offer the Sechrist Inline Filter Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the strict requirements outlined in NFPA-99, Chapter 14 Hyperbaric Facilities.

HBO Center Start-Up Kit

Opening a Hyperbaric Center does not need to be complicated or time consuming. The Sechrist team has bundled everything needed for treating patients safely, comfortably and efficiently as well as cost effectively.

chamber for angle on tv data sheet (1).png

HBO TV Rack System

Entertainment System Mounting Kit
Medical Grade & Standard TV Systems

Many of our hospital and clinic partners would like to utilize their own TV with the Sechrist Entertainment System.  This option is available and made convenient through the Sechrist Entertainment Mounting Kit which includes all the necessary parts and equipment to accommodate both Medical Grade TV Systems and Standard TV Systems (power cord sold separately).  Easy-to-follow instructions allow for simple installation by either a Sechrist Authorized Technician or hospital/clinic biomed personnel. The Mounting Kit provides flexibility when selecting the Entertainment System for your hyperbaric patients.

Gas Source Selection Panel

The Gas Selection Panel, when used in conjunction with the SECHRIST INDUSTRIES Monoplace Hyperbaric System, Model 2500B, 2800, E Series, and H Series will allow the chamber operator to select either oxygen or medical grade air to be supplied to the chamber. The panel incorporates pressure gauges for the oxygen, medical-grade air, and the selected gas source. The design of the gas selector valve utilizes a “shear-type” sealing method, and the Valve vents to ambient thereby preventing interflow between gas supply systems. The panel is also provided with an extra selected gas outlet for ventilator operation. Available in Blue or White.

Gas Source Selection Panel.jpg
Positioning Pads.jpg

Hyperbaric Positioning Pads

Sechrist Industries' HBO Patient Comfort Positioning Pads offer enhanced comfort and safety for patients undergoing hyperbaric therapy. These pads come in three configurations – Foot Elevation Support Wedge, Lumbar Support Pad, and Lateral Support Pad – allowing for customized patient positioning. Designed for use in high-oxygen environments, the pads feature high-density foam for pressure distribution and wound prevention. Their covers are fluid and flame-resistant, antimicrobial, self-deodorizing, and easy to clean. Available individually or as a kit, these pads provide flexibility and optimal infection control in hyperbaric settings.

OmniPressure Hyperbaric Chamber Mattress

The Sechrist OmniPressure Hyperbaric Chamber Mattress is designed to enhance patient comfort and aid in wound prevention during hyperbaric treatments. Featuring a unique two-layer, multi-density design, it provides optimal pressure distribution, significantly improving comfort levels. The mattress has a gentle slope to reduce pressure on the lower legs and heels, increasing the surface support area by up to 25% compared to traditional hyperbaric mattresses. It's fluid-resistant, antimicrobial, and fits all current hyperbaric chamber models. A bariatric version is also available for heavier patients.


Ground Check System

The Sechrist Ground Check System is an innovative solution for verifying hyperbaric chamber ground requirements. This fully integrated system, designed for both patient and chamber ground integrity, streamlines the testing process. It meets NFPA 99 and 77 standards, ensuring a higher level of safety. The system is available pre-integrated in Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers or as a field upgrade kit. Its seamless integration and efficient testing capabilities make it a cost-effective and safety-enhancing tool in hyperbaric therapy.

Air Breathing Assembly

The Sechrist Air Break Breathing Assembly is designed to provide medical-grade breathing air for patients requiring minimal respiratory support during hyperbaric therapy. It features a demand valve that regulates gas supply pressure to a safe level. The assembly includes the valve, hoses, fittings, and adult masks. The Free Flow version also includes a needle/ball valve, flow meter, and pass-thru assembly for easy integration with hyperbaric chambers. These systems ensure patient safety and comfort during treatment.

Air Breathing Assembly.jpg
Pass Thru Ports.jpg

Pass Thru Ports and Cables, Electrical Monitoring

Sechrist Industries' Pass Thru Ports and Cables facilitate physiological and invasive pressure monitoring in hyperbaric chambers. They utilize a standard 19-pin electrical pass-thru connector, ensuring compatibility with various medical monitoring equipment. The product lineup includes specific part numbers for both exterior and interior cable assemblies, as well as pass-thru ports for different hyperbaric chamber models. This system ensures reliable and safe monitoring capabilities essential in hyperbaric treatments. 

Part Number:

  • 22156-1 (19-Pin Exterior Cable Assembly)

  • 22157-1 (19-Pin Interior Cable Assembly)

  • 35243 (19-Pin Pass-Thru Port 3200/3300H/4100H)

  • 20482 (19-Pin Pass-Thru Port 3600H)

Hyperbaric Knee Pillow

The Sechrist Hyperbaric Knee Pillow is designed to enhance patient comfort during hyperbaric treatments. It provides under-knee support, relieving pressure and promoting spinal alignment. The pillow's curved design and high-density foam ensure durability and effective support. It features a fluid and flame-resistant, antimicrobial cover that's easy to clean. Ideal for supporting wound-prevention goals, this accessory is part of Sechrist Industries' commitment to improving patient care in hyperbaric therapy.

Knee Pillow.jpg

Low Profile Hyperbaric Gurney

Sechrist Industries has the only Low Profile Hyperbaric Gurney in the market, designed for maximum compatibility with all Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers. This innovative gurney features a lower height for enhanced patient comfort and safety, an adjustable backrest, and can comfortably support bariatric patients up to 700 lbs. It simplifies patient transfer into the chamber and includes a one-step locking mechanism for wheel safety. Additionally, the Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop feature ensures precise alignment with the chamber rails, enhancing treatment efficiency and minimizing potential damage.

Door Lock.jpg

Door Lock Indicator

Our team is always working to improve our products to make the care you provide as efficient as possible. The new Door Lock Indicator is a new convenient feature that allows the chamber operator to easily verify the chamber door is securely locked.

  • Provides visual confirmation that the Safety Lock Pin is fully engaged.

  • Green indicator is easily and clearly seen when the monoplace hyperbaric chamber door is properly closed.

  • Eliminates the need for the chamber operator to bend down to view if Safety Lock Pin is completely and correctly fully engaged in the Safety Lock Hole.

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