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Mixer Service Offerings

Exceptional Service and Support: Our Commitment to Respiratory Excellence

At Sechrist Industries, we provide extensive services for our air/oxygen mixers through our Sechrist Respiratory Service School. Our program emphasizes hands-on training with a focus on small class sizes for personalized learning. We also specialize in 2-year overhaul services, performed at our Anaheim facility, ensuring minimal downtime with free loaners available. Additionally, we offer a Test Stand and essential tools for technicians, facilitating accurate and efficient maintenance.


Respiratory Service School

Properly servicing and maintaining Sechrist Air/Oxygen Mixers is vital to succesful pateint treatments. Sechrist offers Respiratory Service School throughout the year. Low student to teacher ratio and hands on training ensures a complete an thorough knowledge of the product and its required service.

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Factory Service

Expert 2-year overhaul service is provided at Sechrist's headquarters in Anaheim, CA. A fast turn-around and free loaners are avaialble for all models of Sechrist Air/Oxygen Mixers.

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Test Stand and Tools

Sechrist trained respiratory technicians and biomeds are able to purchase the Sechrist Mixer Overhaul Test Stand and all the required tools to conduct the 2-year Mixer Overhaul. Havine the right tools and test equipment will guarantee that the overhaul is easy to perform and results in accurate settings.

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