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Maintenance Requirements

Dear Sechrist Customer,


Thank you for purchasing Sechrist Air/Oxygen Gas Mixers! The goal of Sechrist is to always maintain the highest level of quality in both our product manufacturing and service. As a valued partner, it is important that all maintenance guidelines be understood and followed to ensure that the Air/Oxygen Mixer is functioning properly.


The lifetime of Sechrist manufactured mixers is twenty (20) years provided the device is maintained according to our maintenance requirements:

Maintenance Activity - Service

Replace air water trap/inlet filter (P/N 3529E) and internal sintered stainless-steel filters (P/N 3522K)

To assist our customers, manage inventory of Sechrist Air/Oxygen Mixers, we have put a trade-in program in place to make the process economical and efficient. For any mixer over ten (10) years old, we are offering special discounts on new Air/Oxygen Mixers.


Please contact regarding our Air/Oxygen Mixer trade-in program, service, and parts pricing.


We thank you for your valued business, as we look forward to bringing you the highest level of service and products for years to come. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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