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Leading the Way in Hyperbaric Innovation

The Sechrist H-Series Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber with gurney storage and low profile gurney is the newest advancement in our hyperbaric line of products. The H-Series Hyperbaric Chamber System is the most advanced chamber in production and includes a new space saving feature, the gurney storage system.


All Sechrist hyperbaric chambers go through a thorough safety inspection that is monitored and maintained throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, Sechrist offers technical and customer support services to ensure quality throughout the life of the chamber.


Each chamber has been designed with comfort in mind; all have a spacious interior, the ability for the patient to rest in the reclined position, and the capability to connect to an integrated entertainment system. 

HBO 2.jpg


  • Interior Diameter 33".

  • Supports a patient's weight of 500 Ibs as standard.

  • Optional 700 lbs patient weight available.


  • Interior Diameter 36".

  • Supports a patient's weight of 700 Ibs as standard.

  • Most popular chamber model.


  • Interior Diameter 41".

  • World’s largest diameter hyperbaric chamber.

  • Supports a patient's weight of 700 Ibs as standard.


Spacious Design

Offers large diameter cylinders for enhanced patient comfort.

Entertainment System

Optional mounting system for entertainment system for patient use during treatment.

Single-Handed Door Lock

Ensures ease of use and safety.

Adjustable Stretcher

Features an extra-wide stretcher with an adjustable headrest for patient comfort.

Precision Controls

Equipped with precise controls and displays for easy monitoring by technicians.

Two-Way Communication

Includes a convenient and private communication system for patient and operator interaction.

Critical Care Support

Capable of respiratory support with exclusive ventilators and other medical monitoring facilities.

Safety and Comfort

Emphasizes thorough safety inspections and patient comfort in design.

Advanced Features

Incorporates innovative features for functionality and space-saving in medical settings.

BAPP Label 2-01.jpg

Built-In Antimicrobial Product Protection

Sechrist recognizes that the healthcare community continues to face the challenge of maintaining processes associated with cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and substances that can pose a risk to patient and caregivers. To assist in this process, Sechrist has added Built-in Antimicrobial Product Protection to all painted surfaces of Sechrist H Model Hyperbaric Chambers.

Sechrist Monoplace Chambers treated with Built-in Antimicrobial Product Protection will:

  • Inhibit the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi.

  • Reduces the build-up of microbial growth.

  • Helps hide fingerprints through proprietary methods.

  • Provides continuous microbe-fighting action.

Unmatched Comfort and Advanced Design

Experience unparalleled patient comfort with Sechrist Industries' hyperbaric chambers, available in three spacious diameters – 33", 36", and the expansive 41". Our innovative design allows patients to rest in various positions, including reclined or angled, enhancing comfort during treatment.

Enjoy a fully integrated entertainment system in all Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers. Patients can watch TV, movies, or listen to music on their MP3 player, all enhanced by dual speaker systems for an optimal audio experience.

Sechrist's low profile hydraulic gurney streamlines patient loading into the chamber, eliminating additional transfers. Our chambers are inclusive, comfortably accommodating bariatric patients up to 700 lbs., a standard feature in models 3600H and 4100H, and an available upgrade in model 3300H.

Patient Comfort.jpg
Aalto Hyperbaric Chamber 9.jpg

Ensuring Maximum Safety in Hyperbaric Therapy

Our monoplace hyperbaric systems boast unparalleled safety, featuring two unique emergency vent modes for diverse emergency situations.

The Standard Emergency Vent System ensures rapid decompression in under 120 seconds, with the hyperbaric technician precisely controlling the descent for patient comfort.

In critical situations, our Emergency Shut-off and Automatic Vent system allows for swift decompression in less than 120 seconds, autonomously operating without technician intervention, ensuring safety in extreme emergencies.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Sechrist hyperbaric chambers are designed with precision controls and displays for easy operation by technicians. Our ventilation control system is engineered for efficient gas flow adjustment, promoting Oxygen Conservation during treatments.

Aalto Hyperbaric Chamber 5.jpg
Aalto Hyperbaric Chamber 8.jpg

Advanced Support for Critical Care

Sechrist chambers are uniquely equipped to support respiratory needs, automatically adjusting to pressure changes with a hyperbaric ventilator, exclusively designed and manufactured by Sechrist.

Our chambers are versatile, accommodating multiple intravenous transfusion lines and electrical monitoring capabilities, including EKG, temperature, and blood pressure monitoring, ensuring comprehensive patient care during hyperbaric therapy.

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