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Sechrist Stretchers: Revolutionizing Patient Transport in Hyperbaric Care

Sechrist Industries stands as a leader in hyperbaric technology, distinguishing itself with a steadfast commitment to quality and comprehensive solutions. Our dedication has created a range of high-quality, low-profile patient transport stretchers. These products emphasize patient safety, notably in reducing fall-related injuries, and are designed with ergonomics in mind. This focus on innovation and safety positions Sechrist as a one-stop shop in the hyperbaric field.


Our passionate staff works tirelessly to produce durable, high-quality products with customer service to match. We create unique, user-friendly catalogs for our supply chain partners, bridging the gap between purchasers and end-users.

- Low-Profile Stretcher for better access for patients ensuring safety.

- Affordable cost so our clients get high quality stretchers at a price that works for them.

- Functional design with comprehensive options & accessories.

- Helps reduce falls and fall-related injuries while promoting mobility.

- Promotes safe patient handling and reduction in fall-related injuries for all patient care environments.

- Lower height, elevated standard of care.


  • Ability to achieve a very low position, which can reduce the potential severity of injury if a patient were to roll or fall off the stretcher.

  • Ability to achieve optimum stretcher egress height and position for each individual patient.

  • The average patient handling insurance claim is $14,000 more than twice the amount of all other insurance claims.

  • The average of all other insurance claims is $6,800.


Aon. (2018) Aon Health Care Workers Compensation Barometer. Actuarial Analysis, November 2018

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