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Elevate Your Care Delivery with Sechrist Air/Oxygen Mixers + Exclusive Trade-In Offer!

Advanced Oxygen Therapy Solutions Await You!

Sechrist High and Low Flow Air/Oxygen Mixers
Sechrist Air/Oxygen Mixers

In our continuous effort to support healthcare professionals in delivering unparalleled patient care, Sechrist Industries is thrilled to spotlight our advanced line of Air/Oxygen Mixers – designed with precision, reliability, and your operational needs in mind.

Introducing Our Premier Air/Oxygen Mixers:

  • MODEL 3500 CP-G Series: Experience unmatched efficiency with our low-flow options, featuring convenient wall or pole mounts and durable fittings for seamless integration into your healthcare setting.

  • MODEL 20400: The essence of simplicity and efficiency, offering low-flow precision without the complexity.

  • MODEL 3601 and 3600: Elevate your high-flow therapy sessions with our wall or pole- mounted solution, ensuring optimal delivery and patient comfort.

  • MODEL 20457 & 20459: Versatile low-flow solutions with robust water trap assemblies, available in both wall and pole mounts to suit your space requirements.

Why Choose Sechrist Mixers?

Our mixers are not just equipment; they're a pledge towards smoother operations and enhanced patient outcomes. With a quick one-week lead time, we promise minimal downtime and maximized productivity, ensuring that your operations never skip a beat.

Exclusive Trade-In Program:

Ready for an upgrade? Trade in your Sechrist Air/Oxygen Mixer over 10 years old for a new model and enjoy savings of up to 15%! It's our way of supporting your commitment to providing top-notch care.

Maximize Efficiency with Our 2-Year Overhaul Program:

Join our comprehensive Factory Overhaul Program to keep your mixers running at peak performance. Every two years, we meticulously refurbish your system to factory specifications, replacing all worn parts and ensuring reliability that matches your care standards.

Why an Overhaul?

  • Peak Performance: Guarantee your mixer operates flawlessly with our thorough overhaul process, enhancing accuracy and extending its lifespan.

  • Cost Savings: Prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce future costs with our detailed maintenance service.

  • Factory-Level Quality: Enjoy the highest standard of service as we restore your system to its optimal state, ensuring it meets the latest specifications.

Act Now for Optimal Care Delivery.

Don't let outdated equipment stand in the way of delivering exceptional care. Contact us today to explore how our Air/Oxygen Mixers and comprehensive service programs can transform your operations.

P.S. Your commitment to quality care deserves the best in oxygen therapy solutions. Let's make it happen together.

For more information, please contact our team: or visit our mixer website:


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