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Certified Pre-Owned Hyperbaric Chambers

The Sechrist name is synonymous with quality, innovation, safety, reliability and service. Sechrist monoplace hyperbaric chambers have set the highest standards for hyperbaric systems in the market. This earned reputation for over five decades has made the Sechrist hyperbaric system the preferred system for delivery of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Quality, Tested, Manufacturer Warranty

Owners and users of a Sechrist chamber are in an elite group of healthcare providers that will only settle for the best for their patients. Every hyperbaric chamber manufactured by Sechrist will not only provide years of dependable service but also retain its value more than other brands. Peace of mind and confidence come standard with ownership of a Sechrist chamber. 

Buying a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is an important decision, and when a used chamber is purchased, there are extra considerations. Not all used chambers are the same, there are key differences between used chambers found on the secondary market and Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned chambers.

Used chambers purchased on the secondary market come with unknown factors and an unsure level of risk. When a Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned chamber is purchased from Sechrist Industries, Inc., buyers can rest assured they are getting an exceptional product from the people who know the chamber better than anyone else.

Sechrist Industries, Inc. has again led the marketplace by pioneering the concept of Certified Pre-Owned hyperbaric chambers. The Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned program provides everything that is expected from a Sechrist system, comprehensive attention to detail, quality, and customer satisfaction. Buying a Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned chamber is a smart choice that saves thousands over new retail pricing without compromising the benefits of quality, innovation, safety, reliability, and service. Now, the dream of owning a Sechrist chamber may be realized for less than thought possible.

Advantages of Certified Pre-Owned

Before a Sechrist Pre-Owned chamber can receive the distinction of being Certified and backed by Sechrist Industries, Inc., the chamber’s maintenance status is brought up to date with authentic Sechrist parts. Afterwards, it is subjected to and must pass a detailed, rigorous examination and assessment of major functions and systems including a multiple point inspection and test points all performed by the same trained, experienced Sechrist team that manufactures and approves new Sechrist chambers.

Sechrist’s deep organization of engineering, technical and medical device industry professionals support every aspect of the certification. This ensures that when a Certified Pre-Owned chamber is purchased it delivers the same performance as a new chamber. Exacting standards include:


  • Updates to the latest specification of current production models.

  • All replacement parts are genuine authorized parts that have met the high standards established by Sechrist Industries.

  • Full Quality Control testing and verification.

  • Extremely high servicing requirements with routine audits against those requirements for all products including Certified Pre-Owned chambers.

Warranty and Maintenance

Due to Sechrist’s meticulous certification process, all Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned chambers come with a 90-day limited warranty directly from Sechrist Industries, Inc. The Sechrist warranty and workmanship ensures that buyers get the full value being sought when purchasing a hyperbaric chamber.

All Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned chambers that are 10 years and older will have the PVHO-2 MVI cylinder inspection conducted and documented so that the chamber is compliant with the PVHO-2 Safety Standard when purchased. To learn more about the ASME Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy guidelines. Click here for additional information.

Sechrist’s service programs, an integral part of the Sechrist Quality Assurance Program, are certified to meet FDA Quality System Regulations.


Like discerning buyers, Sechrist believes that a competent, trained service staff, supported by a deep organization of engineering and medical device industry professionals, is the best choice for hyperbaric chamber operators and their patients. Buyers of a Certified Pre-owned chamber may choose additional maintenance security by participating in a Total Care and Total Care Plus (Chambers over 10 years) maintenance program that provides a twelve-month coverage along with the recommended annual maintenance to further protect the chamber.


Other maintenance programs are also available, rounding out Sechrist’s comprehensive service offerings is access to the Sechrist technical team 24/7 should service support be needed outside normal business hours.

All Sechrist technicians are factory trained and re-certified annually on specifications, service methods and quality assurance requirements. Service processes and parts change periodically. Sechrist’s constant training is a vital necessity that provides and ensures the quality and safety of all Sechrist chambers.

Meeting Your Needs.jpg

Meeting Your Needs

Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) hyperbaric chambers are the answer for the discerning buyer who wants a great product at a reduced price but not at a reduced level of support. Buyers will enjoy the same spectrum of services available to them as with a new chamber.


The CPO chamber is equipped with everything needed to complete the installation to be up and running. Since each customer has specific needs for their facility, Sechrist can provide assistance and guidance with clinical training for the staff, facility preparation, chamber model, ancillary/accessory items identification, annual service options, operational support, etc.

Introductory clinical training through industry-approved Hyperbaric Medicine courses available. Please contact Sechrist for a list of courses.

Site Planning and Installation / Technical Requirements Available

  • Sechrist sales team available to work with customers’ team to review all site and installation requirements.

  • Site visit for proper site selection, room size and preparation review and delivery drop-off point, installation pathway evaluation.

  • Oxygen supply system guidance.

  • Assistance with rigging/craning, if applicable.

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Installation and On-site In-service Training Available

  • Installation includes delivery into facility, complete installation and set-up of all hyperbaric equipment thorough testing and inspection of all hyperbaric equipment; disposal of all packaging.

  • Installation/inservice available to meet your project timeline requirements; weekends available for extra fee.

  • Inservice on operation of the chamber, gurney and all chamber accessories provided at the same visit when install is conducted by Sechrist Field Service Specialist.

Offering of Full Line of Ancillary Items and Accessories; both New and CPO, Available

  • Air Break breathing Systems, demand, and free-flow.

  • Universal Entertainment Mounting System.

  • Standard and Bariatric Mattresses.

  • 19-Pin Pass-through Ports and Cables for Electrical Monitoring.

  • Patient Positioning Pads & Pillows.

  • Ground Continuity Test Kit.

  • Acrylic Care Kits.

Height Stop.jpg

Service Support Available

  • Dedicated customer team to assist with all inquiries ranging from parts orders, technical needs, general support requests, billing questions, etc.

  • Technical Service Administrator and department to ensure installations, relocations, annual maintenance and field service visits are efficiently scheduled.

  • Nationwide Field Service Specialists and in-house Service Specialist to support annual maintenance and all service-related needs and questions, 24/7 availability.

Annual Maintenance and Service Options Available

  • Total Care Agreement that provides extended warranty for the term of the agreement and includes the Annual Preventative Maintenance service.

  • Total Care Plus for Chambers over 10 years old with PVHO-2. Maintenance Viewport Inspection (MVI).

  • PVHO-2 MVI for chambers 10 years and older.

  • Preventive Maintenance visit only.

  • Relocation of chamber(s) with re-installation support and assistance.

  • Field service support options.

  • 24/7 technical service availability.


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