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Hyperbaric Electronic Automated Logging System: eHEAL

Sechrist Industries has been a pioneer in hyperbaric technology for over five decades, continuously delivering innovative solutions to the medical field. With the introduction of the Sechrist eHeal, we are taking a significant leap forward, offering an unparalleled hyperbaric treatment automated logging software designed to revolutionize hyperbaric medicine.


Sechrist eHEAL

The eHeal system embodies accuracy, efficiency, and optimized logging, ensuring that healthcare providers can focus more on patient care and less on paperwork. This easy-to-use software enhances record sharing, protects patients and the hospital through precise record-keeping, and significantly reduces the chance of errors by electronically logging every step of the hyperbaric treatment process.

Key Features of eHeal:

Real-Time Data Display and Capture: eHeal’s user-friendly graphical interface presents and records chamber and hyperbaric treatment parameters in real-time, reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency.

Enhance Your Hyperbaric Medicine Practice with Sechrist eHeal

Embrace the future of hyperbaric treatment logging with Sechrist eHeal. As your trusted partner, Sechrist Industries is committed to providing you with the tools you need to deliver exceptional care, improve operational efficiency, and maintain the highest standards of patient safety and record accuracy.

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