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Prioritizing Safety: Learn About Our Door Lock Indicator on Sechrist University

Hospital Safety

Ensuring the highest safety standards in hyperbaric therapy is a cornerstone of our mission at Sechrist Industries. We are excited to invite you to explore a crucial aspect of this commitment through our latest educational offering on Sechrist University: a detailed video on our innovative Door Lock Indicator.


Sechrist University: Your Hub for Safety Education

Sechrist University is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and safety information to enhance your operations and ensure patient care. The new video feature on our Door Lock Indicator is designed to help you understand and implement this critical safety feature effectively.


Introducing the Door Lock Indicator

This new safety device offers visual confirmation that the hyperbaric chamber door is securely locked. With a clear green indicator, operators can easily verify at a glance that the Safety Lock Pin is fully engaged, enhancing both safety and operational efficiency.


Enhanced Durability with the 3-Way Valve

In addition to the Door Lock Indicator, we have also upgraded our 3-Way Valve to a more robust design, reducing maintenance downtime and extending the life of this essential component. These innovations signify our ongoing effort to deliver reliable and safe hyperbaric solutions.


Watch and Learn

To see the Door Lock Indicator in action and learn more about its benefits and installation, visit Sechrist University at Door Lock Indicator Safety Video.


Contact Us for More Information

Ready to upgrade your facility with these advanced safety features? Contact Sechrist Customer Service for kit details and compatibility based on your chamber model.


At Sechrist Industries, your safety is our priority. We continue to innovate and educate to keep your operations at the forefront of hyperbaric medicine.


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