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Sechrist's Inservice Training Programs Enhances Your Team's Expertise

Sechrist Team with our Partners

At Sechrist Industries, we are committed to ensuring that your team is proficient and confident in operating our hyperbaric chambers. To facilitate this, we offer comprehensive Onsite Inservice Training Programs tailored to meet your team's needs, whether they are new members requiring an orientation or seasoned staff looking for a refresher.

Sechrist's Onsite Inservice Training Options:
Standard Inservice Training:
  • Duration: Half-day program

  • Ideal for: New staff orientation or as a refresher during a Sechrist Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit

Advanced Inservice Training with Written Competencies:
  • Duration: Two full days

  • Capacity: Limited to 4 staff per instructor

  • Includes: In-depth coverage of chamber safety, design, mechanics, hands-on operation, routine maintenance, and emergency procedures

  • Certification: Approved for 14.5 category ‘A’ credits by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology (NBDHMT)

  • Methodology: See One, Do One, Teach One approach

  • Certificate: Certificate of completion provided

  • Discount: Available when scheduled following a Preventative Maintenance or Chamber Installation Visit

Why Choose Sechrist Training?

All training sessions are led by Sechrist’s team of professional certified hyperbaric technologists, ensuring your staff receives top-notch instruction that increases their skills and confidence in chamber operation and safety.

Book Your Training:

Ready to elevate your team's operational competence and confidence? Visit Sechrist Inservice Training to learn more about our programs and schedule your session.

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in delivering safe and effective hyperbaric treatments. Thank you for choosing Sechrist Industries as your partner in healthcare excellence.


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