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World Leader in Hyperbaric and Respiratory Medicine since 1973

Sechrist is a team of dedicated professionals whose purpose is to identify, develop and sustain a worldwide competitive offering of high-quality technology solutions to the healthcare community.

As the world leader in hyperbaric chamber manufacturers, we identify and fulfill healthcare opportunities that will improve the quality of patient care, add convenience and efficiency for the practitioner, and provide high quality and cost-effective technology applications that result in a positive return on investment.

Our team has been building hyperbaric chambers and respiratory products since 1973. The experience our team brings is unsurpassed – many of our team members have been with Sechrist for over 20 years. From the start, we have been customer-driven and have operated with a core set of values that define who we are and how we want to be known. These quality-driven values form the foundation of our business and establish a solid presence the world recognizes as Sechrist Industries.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Products

The Sechrist H-Series Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber with gurney storage and low profile gurney is the newest advancement in our hyperbaric line of products. The H-Series Hyperbaric Chamber System is the most advanced chamber in production and includes a new space saving feature, the gurney storage system.

Technical and Field Service

Sechrist Industries provides comprehensive Technical & Field Services, including superior technicians with thorough understanding of hyperbaric chambers and medicine. A full range of service offerings are available for al Sechrist customers.

Respiratory Products

The need for reliable, precise, oxygen delivery instruments has rarely been more acute than it is today. Behind every unit of Sechrist Industries’ air/oxygen gas blender stands five decades of industry leading innovation.

General Transport Stretchers

Sechrist has now introduced its unique, Low Profile Transport Stretcher into the marketplace. It is the only transport stretcher of its type available. This new product offers a variety of features and benefits that will meet the needs of your patients and team.


Sechrist Industries was founded in 1973, by Ron Sechrist, a mechanical engineer with a passion for the research and development of new life-saving medical technologies. Sechrist Industries started by designing and selling its first model 2500 hyperbaric oxygen chamber to Long Beach Naval research academy. Since the huge success of that first monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Sechrist Industries has grown into a world-wide hyperbaric chamber manufacturer and supplier. Now in over 172 countries, with hyperbaric chambers in thousands of hospitals and clinics around the world; Sechrist continues to lead the hyperbaric therapy market.

Since its inception, Sechrist Industries has continued to invest and support the hyperbaric oxygen therapy community. Sechrist Industries has spent millions on research, development, and public awareness over its 50 years of successful hyperbaric campaigns. Sechrist grew from a single idea, and a single product, to a huge worldwide corporation with multiple product groups including respiratory, oxygen mixers, patient gurneys, and countless other products and devices. The culmination of this was the Sechrist 4100H Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, the largest diameter chamber on the marketplace, both then, and today.

In 2017, Sechrist launched two groundbreaking technologies to the world of Hyperbaric Medicine. Sechrist has designed and developed a dual-use Hyperbaric Oxygen & ICU Chamber for the Veterinary marketplace. Shortly after that, Sechrist introduced the new E-Gurney™ Electric Wheeled Stretcher. The E-Gurney will allow caregivers to raise, lower, brake the stretcher with the touch of an electronic foot pedal. As the medical device market continues to evolve, Sechrist plans to continue to innovate and evolve along with it as market leaders.


We have had services from Sechrist since we opened in Jan 2006.  We have never lost a day of being able to provide HBO treatments because of Sechrist.  We are very grateful for the support and resources we have with Sechrist.


Program Director of IU Health Ball Wound Center

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